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First Blog Entry!

I have finally decided to start writing a “blog” after becoming inspired yesterday by the rapids of the Mississippi river at sunset in Blakeney, Ontario. The scene stirred something in me that reminded me of the need to share the effect and power nature has upon the human condition. I hope to share with you my own journey, what inspires me and perhaps ultimately what can keep us going on our unique journeys.

Perhaps the best place to start is with my own childhood.

That's me at age 2

I lived on the northern coast of Poland until the age of 9 in house between the forest and the Baltic sea. To this day I cannot overstate the importance this environment had played in my early years, it literally set the foundations to my life.

The importance of being close to nature cannot be overstated, it is the place where we all thrive. Children and adults alike shed inhibitions, they explore movement, sound and touch, they become grounded, focused and inspired. I get great satisfaction from taking kids on walks in the forests and fields, seeing them discover plants and animals, climbing over logs and boulders as they find their own true balance and actualize their capacities.

That’s me at the age of 2 doing my favourite thing: running around barefoot!


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