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Healthy tips for the cool seasons

GO OUTSIDE DAILY- It's now more important than ever to go out every day. The indoor environment is not only more toxic but a limit to regular movement and contact with the elements that make us more resilient. The benefits of fresh air, sunlight and contact with nature cannot be overstated. Outdoor activity is fundamental to good health, a balanced mood and overall wellbeing. You need to leave the 'container' of closed spaces, the virtual world. Ventilate and reset outside every day. It's all in the gear, dress according to weather, add some ice grips (when it's

Madawaska Highlands Ontario
Live outside

slippery) to your soles and head out!

WARMUP YOUR DIET- As we enter the colder seasons it's important to eat foods that are warming and therefore easily digestible. This means more soups and stews, lightly cooked vegetables and less raw salads - leave those for the summer when they come out of the ground for you. Enjoying cooking with whole ingredients that don't come out of boxes. Spice it up, try adding ginger or cinnamon and our best warming veggies: garlic and onions, especially in times of colds and runny noses. Always have a soup ready.

CONNECT WITH OTHERS- Perhaps most importantly we humans need regular contact with others, it feeds us on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Try engaging more with neighbours or the people you may pass on your walks outside, see what happens, how you feel.

TURN OFF YOUR DEVICES, COMPUTERS AND TELEVISION - Give yourself a break from technology and set a daily limit to your exposure, a constant feed can be toxic. Read a book or go outside instead. Make sure to shut down your devices and keep them out of your bedroom, your sleep will improve.


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