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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

If there is one fundamental piece of wellness all humans should know about it’s earthing, also known as grounding.

Did you know that by touching the earth

with your bare feet (or any part of the body) you are connecting directly to the largest source of free electrons, also known as antioxidant particles.

That's right, the earth's surface is covered with the very stuff that keeps us whole, rebuilds the damage done by the inflammatory process underlying almost every ailment.

So don't wait try it for yourself, take your shoes off and put your bare feet on the ground!

You can find extensive information at


(September 15, 2018) Here's an update from the Earthing Institute about safety concerns and misinformation :

"" Most of the misinformation, in blogs and videos, relates to imaginary dangers of Earthing in the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), “dirty electricity,” or ground currents.

You can read a general article on the misinformation here.

A specific article on Earthing and ground currents here

And finally, an article summarizing three studies showing the safety of indoor Earthing, one such study involving premature infants in a hospital.

Because of the continuing nonsense and bogus warnings, we have created a new misinformation section on our research page at the Earthing Institute website.

Most people won’t or can’t routinely go barefoot outdoors in order to enjoy the most natural form of Earthing. They do it indoors, while sitting or sleeping, using a grounded outlet or a ground rod. This method is how we have conducted grounding research.

The benefits, as we have documented, are broad and significant, and even life-changing in many cases, with great potential to help reduce the global epidemic of pain, inflammation, and unwellness. It is a shame that something as important as this − a return to an overlooked, abandoned, and needed aspect of Nature – is the target of ignorance. ""


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