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On the importance of creativity

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Before I began studying medicine I was already practicing as an architect, designer and artist for 15 years. The reason that I mention this here is because I often get questioned about why I “changed” professions. The simple explanation is that I did not change but rather continue to add to my experience. I believe that a diversity of experience expands the capacity to see things from different angles. Furthermore, a creative outlet provides a fundamental balance in one’s life.

I have found that a creative occupation or pastime is beneficial to everyone. This may include anything that you enjoy doing that is not necessarily tied to one’s work, from music to cooking to working on cars. Everyone either has or can find some creative activity that they enjoy, that sustains them and allows for a level of expression that is not found elsewhere in our lives. I often suggest that people pursue or explore things that they may have always wanted to try but never had the chance to explore, regular creative writing for example can be very therapeutic. It doesn’t really matter how one chooses to express their creativity as long as you are doing something that is not just routine work, or passive escapism such as television. As my grandfather, Włodzimierz Padlewski used to say “Creativity… is: searching for answers, it’s discovery, of self...”

Duvernet, Padlewski, Szeto - “Urchin” installation and performance at the 2010 Symposium of Contemporary Art in Baie St-Paul, Quebec.

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